Eric Satterwhite

What I've Worked On

I enjoy architecting and building multi-language / multi tier services from the ground up. But have done my fair share of migrating legacy monolithic applications. I enjoy leading, and teaching teams just as much as I like coding. Currently My interest is in Node.js and the ecosystem that comes with it, but have worked heavily in Python / Django and company, done some Ruby / Rails work and am actively learning Rust - Maybe Go. I find my self very interested in Different "NoSQL" databases and have worked with Redis, MongoDB, RethinkDB, LevelDB, CouchDB and OrientDB. I actively try to keep up with what is going on in the tech world, be it a daunting task. I love to tinker with tech so I find it to be the fun part of my day.

I have worked on a number of ecommerce platforms of varying complexities including payment systems inventory automation and fulfillment. I have also done a fair amount of time building event driven, real time telephony systems and all that goes with it. While I don't work on it as much these days, websockets, webRTC and real time communications are still magic unicorns to me and I find my self building things on the side with them on a regular basis.

I don't consider myself a "DevOps" guy but I find myself doing a lot of that sort of thing by way of automating build / deployment systems, server provisioning and management, etc. Docker & linux tend to be at the heart of that realm and I follow the DevOps crowds and listen to what they have to say.

I'm active in the open source community - focused on Node.js and the ecosystem. I have a number of active projects the people use in the wild. I obviously actively write and catalog what I do and share with the world at large.

What I'm Doing Next

I'm currently looking for my next challenge and opportunity to build something amazing the world can benefit from. I have an interest in building and leading tech teams again as well as coding. I have had a break and I miss being involved in the process of building a company as well as a product. Node.js has been my focus for the last few years and would like to continue with that, but would also consider opportunities in Python, Rust or Go


Senior Backend Architecht;

Oct 2016 to March 2020 was a support communications platform enabeling companies to more easily engage and assist their customers over real-time chat and email. Responsibilities include colaborating with product owners to distill requirement and translate them into an executable tech plan. Facilitate agilie proceses. Relational database design, optimization and implementation. Designed and developed internal real-time engine to drive many customer and internal facing operations. Design and implemented the first major helpdesk offering. Our tech stack was Node.js, couchebase, postgres, redis and elasticsearch; Exposed via Rest and GraphQL APIs. Worked closesly with various teams to ensure sucessful delivery of new features.

Most of my day is spent building things with Node.js and pushing the boundaries of what we though possible with SQL

Principal Software Engineer; Threadmeup

Aug 2015 to June 2016

ThreadMeUp is an innovative technology company based in Chicago. It's industry changing platform powers all facets of bringing merchandise to life from supply chain to production, logistics and everything in between. ThreadMeUp empowers entrepreneurs, influencers, creatives, & organizations all over the world to create and sell custom merchandise. Responsibilities include building Data driven API microservices, Build and deployment automation. Author reusable modules and packages for use with in the company tech teams and open source community. Light Server Administration duty. Introduced company to docker in addition to designing & implementing the container infrastructure platform.

Most of my day is spent building things with Node.js

Lead Node.js / API Developer; SpiritShop,Inc.

Sept 2014 to May 2015

Design, implement and lead development efforts surrounding Node.js powered e-commerce platform. Implement automated test framework, build & release process, package driven deployments. Responsible for complete conversion of legacy .Net application to a fully restful javascript application to drive new company direction.

Team Lead - Node.js Applications & Python Dev; CorvisaCloud LLC

Jul 2012 to Sept 2014

Design, implement and lead development efforts surrounding Node.js applications and tools for CorvisaCloud service orientated architecture. Focus around Clustered REST APIs to control real time communication between servers and clients using MongoDB, Redis, Express. js, Websockets, & ZeroMQ to ensure low latency, high throughput I/O. Also involved in Large data driven platform applications using Django and Postgresql.

Senior JavaScript Architect & Front-End Team Lead; Corvisa Services LLC

Nov 2010 to Jul 2012
Acquired By Shortel

Corvisa Services is the technology arm of Novation, a company that acquires young companies and gives them the means and experience to flourish. Established best practices and standard procedures for team members to follow to ensure code quality. Built Modular, omni-environment JavasScript tools and frameworks using CommonJS & AMD.

Mobile Web Applications Developer; Studyblue

May 2010 to Nov 2010 is a start-up company which allows students to share, find and create study materials in a unique fashion. Design and develop interactive flashcard study interface. Ensure site functionality on multiple browsers across multiple devices. Develop modular & reusable JavaScript code. Implement AJAX loading of the entire site for an optimal mobile experience.

Front End Developer & Lead Software Developer; Muskego Hitmen

May 2005 to Aug 2010

The Muskego Hitmen is a Wisconsin based minor league football team; Designed custom CMS, message board system, player profile manager. Convert flat file based site to a dynamic community driven site. Built minimal flash based video player and produce short videos for the site.


Web Design & Management: Sessions School of Design ( 125 credit hours - 2010 )

My focus with sessions was on web design/development and marketing strategies on the internet. This was a certificate program which evolved into an accredited degree program. ( I enrolled during the evolution, so I technically can’t call it a degree )

B.S. Kinesiology: UW – Milwaukee ( 2003 )

Kinesiology the study of human movement and development. I focused my education in psychology, physiology and nutrition.

MIS Course Work: UW –Lacrosse ( ‘99 – 2001 )

My early college years were aimed at being a real ‘code junkie’ starting to work with C++ and Java.