CoreOS: A Year In Review

2016 Jun29

icroservices are becoming the de-facto way of building out large applications. If you haven't worked on a project that has migrated monoliths to micro-services, you are most likely working on a microservice of some flavor or another. And as you might imagine, [Docker]( / containers are the preferred way of delivering these services. Managing all of these containers and services is no easy task and has lead to the rise of private PAaS projects, operating systems, and orchestration framewoks like [Dies](, [Mesos](, [Kubernetes]( - A new one is popping up every month.

Choosing a framework, or a stack is, in it of itself, no simple task. Personally,

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Running Django On wsgid with Mongrel2 & ZeroMQ

2012 Jun27

love [Django]( and I love [Python]( However, I also love javascript, [Node.js](, and I even like playing with [Ruby]( and Ruby on Rails. I love playing around with cool web technology in general. But the the one thing I've always hated was building apache correctly to handle all of these different apps and languages only to have to sit Nginx In front of it. What I really want is a single light weight server that can deal with any application written in any language with out having to build modules, plugins or even recompile the server to get everything to work right.

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