Override Nested Dependencies With NPM 3

2016 Jan25

pm is one of the primary reasons that the node community is so strong today. It makes it easy to write, package and publish code. This is primarily because of how it solves the package version and dependency crisis - Every package has a version and it's own set of dependencies which are organized into a directory tree. It sounds so simple, but it took over twenty years of developers pulling their hair out over package manager dependency soup, it is a wonder why it hadn't been done sooner. Even more so, NPM's package manifest is a simple json file that lets fine tune the specificity of the modules in your package

However, there is one thing that can

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Production Ready Node: Structure & Packaging

2015 Jan19

ode is still pretty young platform and people are still trying to figure out the best way to build large projects with it. With its highly modular core, and an even more modular ecosystem, it is easy to get lost in the variety of ways to go about anything.

I'm starting this series of articles about my experience in building production ready node projects. We'll be talking about structure, conventions, packages, and all around good things to do. To start, let's talk about one of the less talked about topics in the ecosystem, but in my mind, one of the more important - Project Structure.

Project Structure

The biggest step for new Node.js developers is to think in

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SEELI: Object Orientated CLI framework for Node.js

2014 Aug24

ommand line tools are a difficult thing to get right. I've never really been too happy with the more popular ones in the [node.js](http://nodejs.org) community. Nothing supplied all of the basic features or implementation style that I wanted. Most of them try too hard to be the interface when all I really want is something that is really good at parsing flags and options, and return input in a plain object. So I wrote my own. Let me introduce you to [Seeli](http://www.npmjs.org/package/seeli) ( *C-L-I* ), and object orientated, evented, and classy framework for building elegant Command line interfaces:


npm install seeli --save

Object Orientated

To create a new command, all

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